Our Recent Study in Q4 2018 suggests Gerber might be in trouble.

We all know smaller, newer brands are a threat to the status quo, but this study shows just how dangerous a low i-factor score can be to a brand. 

We’ve been using our real-time consumer relationship tracker to watch what’s happening in the baby food category, and if our live scores are any indicator of what’s to come from a business standpoint (and we know they are), Gerber is in big trouble.


Although Gerber is still the biggest from a volume perspective, they are dead last (and by a lot) from a relationship perspective. We know that when this happens, it is only a matter of time before sales follow.

So what’s happening? Well, we all know that how we think about, prepare and consume food is changing rapidly, and the baby food category is one that is really suffering. But it’s much worse for bigger, older brands like Gerber and Earth’s Best- The ones that just haven’t found a way to stay relevant to today’s consumer.

It couldn’t be more opposite and surprising for Beech Nut. A brand that 10 years ago seemed old fashioned and quite frankly ,doomed. They really stepped up their game in packaging, ingredients and relevance, and it's paying off. Their highly engaging influencer campaign and completely fresh way of talking about the brand has made them the winner of the battle for consumer’s hearts and minds, and sales will surely follow.

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